A legacy of protection

ALOG & Company, Inc., A Life and Science Company, markets and distributes a wide range of products and technologies for the protection of human health, structural properties, and the environment against insect pests and microorganisms. It serves government offices, commercial pest control operators, and private institutions nationwide.  


ALOG takes an active role in bringing to the Philippines new technologies and products that are based on sound science from all reliable sources all over the world for vector control, water treatment, disinfection, and pest control needs.

ALOG proudly represents leading multinational chemical companies in the Philippines such as Bayer Environmental Science, BASF, Syngenta, and Ensystex, as well as professional pest control equipment companies, namely Swingtec from Germany, Hockman, and B&G from the USA, and Tana Netting for Long Lasting Impregnated Net (LLIN). It partners with reputable manufacturers of medical devices and hospital use such as Hydrachem from London, Tulip from India, and Advacare from the USA.

Our Vision and Mission

For forty years, ALOG's vision and mission have been the guiding light of our business, giving us a shared purpose and direction. We boldly move forward and beyond built on the strong foundations of the past four decades. 

Our Vision

We change people’s lives by making the community clean, green, and safe, free from vector-borne diseases. 

Our Mission

We focus on providing innovative products and solutions in pursuit of protecting people and homes against vectors that pose threat to human lives and destroy properties.

Our Core Values

We live by our core values that have long served as ALOG's anchor and cornerstone. 

Our core values are intrinsic to who we are and represent what's most important to us.

  • God-Centered. We run our business based on the principles of God's Word. 

  • Integrity. Honesty, transparency, and trust are the foundation on which we build relationships and conduct our business. 

  • Discipline. We value self-discipline. We take ownership and accountability for our actions and display respect and professionalism at all times.

  • Hard Work & Achievement. We focus on achieving excellent results that add the best possible value for all our stakeholders through hard work and a winning attitude.

  • Harmony. We are committed to preserving and promoting a strong sense of unity and togetherness. We cultivate a family culture and encourage a growth mindset. 

  • Generosity. We value kindness and the willingness to share with others things that have value, both tangible and intangible.

  • Excellence & Competence. We always strive to do more and become better, with the commitment to deliver the best and being the best at what we do.

  • Fairness. We ensure that everyone is treated equally and no one is left out. 

  • Forgiveness. We value forgiveness that is rooted in compassion, empathy, and understanding.